Our little spider trap caught another scraper who ignores robot.txt and it apparently igonres nofollow directives as well.

IP and User Agent of Weblexbot
WeblexBot (http://www. weblex .org/bot.html)

Who is Weblexbot?

Who knows? Legit crawlers don’t obscure their ownership in domain registrar data. Bogus name and phone number.

Registrant Name:A
Registrant Phone:+1.4743641

What is Weblexbot crawling my site?

The website claims:

Weblex.org is a search engine of a different color. We believe that the major engines have it all wrong, and we plan to do it better.

Our crawler, WeblexBot, respects robots.txt and crawls at a rate that will not disrupt your web site.

You can disallow the bot using the user-agent WeblexBot

However, our robots.txt clearly states that our trap is off limits.

How can I block Weblexbot Using Mod Security 2.x?

SecRule HTTP_User-Agent "Weblexbot" "deny,log,status:403"