How to fix an Insecure

ssl insecure form

How to fix a Insecure < form > callssl insecure form

Are you trying to figure out why your SSL page is deemed insecure? Are you having trouble getting a SSL padlock on your website? Mixed-content warnings can be frustrating to solve. Chrome browser will issue an error for mixed content and block your visitors from using your site and that could definitely affect your income and impressions.

What is an insecure form call?

One common error is that you are using forms that are insecure. Your coding may have a hard link to a HTTPS url instead of a HTTPS url which will prevent you your page from being SSL secure.

Example of a Non-SSL Form Call

<form method="get" action=""> 

Example of a Secure SSL Form Call


<form method="get" action=""> 

One Possible Solution – Use a Relative Path URL

Instead of using the typical Absolute Path to the resource in your URL code, such as; use a ‘Relative Path” url such as //

Why? Using a relative path allows modern browsers to automatically append the correct https or http url.

Example of secure form call

<form method="get" action="//">